Monday, May 25, 2015

Rain Delay Aaron Completed

I was scheduled to golf this morning but overcast and wind with rain on the radar wasn't encouraging. I don't need a windy round to play poorly so I stayed in to complete Aaron Spiller. I'll wait to varnish later after reviewing it more but it's good to have him join the series. Aaron has a very sad face and a less than optimistic outlook that seems to go well with the blue theme.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wrapping Up Aaron

Aaron is nearing completion and my run today confirmed my next (In)Visible series will be homeless people. 

While out on my 8 mile run I stopped for water at the Atwood gazebo and met a Black man at the fountain. He was standing there with his shirt open and backed away to allow me a drink. 

It was then I noticed a hotel size bottle of shower gel and realized he was cleaning himself. After we spoke I continued on my run to the Uptown Station.

When I reached the Atwood gazebo he was still there talking to another Black man. I stopped for water and after drinking approached the men. We chatted and I asked the man who had washed in the fountain if he would be there long and told him I wanted to give him something but needed to get home. He generously offered his bicycle but I wanted to finish my ray and asked him to wait 30 minutes for my return. 

At home I gathered a shirt and t-shirt and stopped at the Dollar Store for toiletries and placed it all in a bag. In the side pocket I put $100.

The men were still at the gazebo when I returned and presented the bag. He was very gracious as I explained who I was and why I wanted to help him. His friend was thankful and said he didn't need anything. We talked more and I gave them my card and asked to keep in touch. 

I'm awful at names and hope to see them again. Maybe I'll paint his portrait...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Close to completion

We're almost there Aaron. Maybe another week before you join the (In)Visible Men series. I love the blue tone of this painting and the expression on your face. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Painting like a man headed to vacation. May is a short month of easel-time and a July show in Peoria featuring (In)Visible Men is around the corner and I need to finish Aaron in June. 

If my artist life is ever chronicled the periods will be divided into two categories, Before Gel Medium (BGM) and (After Gel Medium). Glazing is so much easier. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Joy of Experimentation

Aaron is progressing as I try a new technique of painting all over and building transparent layers of pigment. At times it has the feel of watercolors without the fear of immediacy or mistakes. Or maybe it's my Zen approach to painting. 

Today I wondered if my attraction to single isolated firgures in an existenialistic space has something to do with my introversion...