Friday, April 24, 2015

Aaron Progresses

Laying down base color this past Thursday as Aaron begins to take shape. 


Someday I hope to sit down and list all the people I'm grateful for in the support for my craft. The Dougs, Kens, Harolds, Kates, Julies, Angies, Larrys, Kathleen, Jons, Sarahs, Jennys and hundreds of others who contributed in their own special way. But right now a special thanks to Sue Sawyer without whom I wouldn't have this very nice chair for the studio. I'd been looking for months since I set this space up trying to find the perfect chair. I think I'll name her "Sue."

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Aaron was sketched on March 30 and I've begun to layout background colors. Painting has been a lot more freer in brushwork but within the tradition of color theory. I don't want to get too "Rothko" and end up with a portrait overlapping a Rothko imitation. 

I realized today I miss my (In)Visible Men and the Dietz portraits. So I dropped by Milner Library to peek at the men and by the President's office to see the portrait. Maybe I needed to see them to build my confidence...

The web site launched yesterday and responses have been positive. Check it out at  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Pantagraph is seeing Black men

Top of the fold front page story on the (In)Visible Men Artist Talk. The men raised some critical concerns about how they are treated in the classroom on my campus. I hope faculty will read this and reflect on how they engage all students of color.

I could not have predicted the response to this body of work...